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2020 Schedule 30th Sep- 05th Dec

Walk with Him, Work with Him, Watch how He does it

and learn the unforced rhythm of grace

If every person on the planet could walk the path God set out for them in life, the world would be far a head from where it is today. Unfortunately, many people walk their entire life’s journey with no idea who they are, and what they are here for.

We aim at helping each individual we meet discover first the love of God for them and understand how much they are loved. Only then can a person live purposefully and enjoy every bit of it because then, the call on their lives makes more sense than just a duty. This is a space that we would love every person to attend and that’s why we invite widely.

Many students annually express interest in the one step program and we would love to take in as many as possible. However, in order to give each student a comfortable stay with as many lessons, wonderful experiences, ample learning material, and trips to various places for outreach among so much more activity, they have got to pay some fees to which the course management tops up.

While some students will easily pay up their fees, there are students who cannot fully afford these fees in full. This is where we turn to you for your support. Any contribution, towards sponsorship for one or more students will be help get someone into the course and jump start a purposeful beginning to the rest of their lives.


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You can help support a student to discover their purpose and potential through the One Step. Our African students rarely have the means to afford the tuition, housing, food, and transportation for the program, but your generosity will give them an opportunity seldom afforded young people in developing nations.

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