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2020 Schedule 30th Sep- 05th Dec


The Father’s Heart

Everyone ends up somewhere.  Only those with vision end up somewhere on purpose. This topic will explore the elements of vision necessary in helping you not only articulate where you are going with your life, but also help you know how to discover and pursue your dreams and visions.

Instructor: Paul D. Hunter

Money & You

Money can be a pursuit, a god, or a tool that helps followers of Christ accomplish their God-given pursuit and expressing their purpose here on earth. This topic will provide more than a basic understanding of money as a tool essential to the building and expressing the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in Heaven. This course promises to establish practical foundations for the use of money … give some, save some, spend some.

Instructor: Moses Mukisa

 The Five Capitals

It is too easy to believe that successful living depends on material assets. Consequently, a default system motivates many individuals to pursue financial capital. In fact, when most people hear that word “capital” they think of money. This course will expand a critical understanding of capital to five crucial areas of life; which will increase the likelihood of genuine successful living.

Instructor: Ivan Muhumuza

The One Campaign:

The Bible teaches of a shepherd that left the ninety-nine sheep to find the one, its the same way Jesus died for us all yet died to save each of us individually as well. During the one campaign series, we will learn about Jesus’ love for a world that doesn’t know Him yet His compassion for them is unwavering. we will see how to be His hands and feet in the quest to bring the lost back home in His kingdom.

Instructor: Phillip Tasobya


Everything rises and falls on leadership. if we are fully going to live for Christ, there is no way of escaping leadership. Janet will take you through everything you need to know about being a great leader that is respected, thinking rationally and making decisions that help your team to grow as you grow as well. you will also learn how to handle crises, think critically and be a servant leader.

Instructor: Janet Bugembe


Fake ID Vs God ID

This is where life begins. A person’s identity, perceived or otherwise, will determine the direction their life takes. Whether relationships, vocation, marriage & family, church … a person’s identity will impact every dimension of life. Chris will help you walk through the basics of identity in a way that will transform your life, your relationship with God and people, your destiny, and your future.

Instructor: Chris Davis Nsubuga-Mugga


Many people walk to the very end of their long lives unsatisfied. like something was missing the whole time. with it come regrets for the talents and abilities that we haven’t utilized fully and these issues usually arise when we have no idea how uniquely each of us has been wired. It’s close to impossible to understand others if you have no idea who you are. learning the temperaments we possess and appreciate the differences we all have will help us relate and live better, know the areas we can make better and improve and focus on our God-given abilities.

Instructor: Isaac Macharia

Laws of Growth:

An interesting saying goes, “Accumulated birthdays isn’t actual evidence of increased wisdom.” You may not even be aware of it but every part of you needs to grow, and growth is natures. Whatever you water, grows. Be it habits that start casually, attitudes, perspectives, feelings, bodies, mind, hair, name it, it all grows. Fortunately, you have a choice to determine what will grow in your life and how to grow it. Esther has been through a series of interesting life events and has continually learned to help others walk through both painful and exciting life experiences and know how to leverage them to help us be better.

Instructor: Esther M Fortunate

Intercultural Relations:

One Step is a venture into a two and a half months period of living in community with others who are from various cultures. Those ingrained backgrounds make for challenging relational dynamics. Robert brings his expertise (he has a Master’s Degree from Wheaton College in Intercultural Studies) to this residential experience with vital and practical ways of building bridges between cultures.

Instructor: Robert Sityo